Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by WHO in 2020 when the news surfaced globally. Until now, the World Health Organization has reported almost 172, 242, 495 confirmed cases that include 3,709,397 deaths. Doctors asked people to keep a check on their immunity levels and to take a healthy diet. Most people are under lockdown and a few are under self-quarantine. But, these things have already taken a toll on our eating habits. We just munch on junk food because of their easy access rather than taking fruits or vegetables. So, let’s break this chain by trying some healthy snacks, and yes don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Snack on the Nuts

Dry fruits or nuts help curb your appetite and builds strong metabolism too. While you are working from home or in quarantine, try to add them to your diet. The Vitamin-E found in the nuts like almonds, pistachios, and walnuts help us to fight the bacteria. You can add them to oatmeal, salads, or homemade bread for that extra yummlicious touch.

Lettuce Wraps Snacks

This is the best quarantine snack if you are looking to add potassium and Vitamin C to your diet this quarantine. For making it healthier and fiber-rich, you can add nuts, beans, and corns. This is the best replacement for the usual bread. Fill it with veggies for making it extra healthy.

Oats Snacks

Boost your immunity and increase your energy levels with the multigrain oats. By snacking on oats in the form of a morning bowl or in-between your meals can keep you healthy. You can add milk, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. Even you can make it a little salty and tangy by cooking it with your favorite vegetables. With healthy meals, you must also follow an exercising routine to keep your endurance power high and maintain your flexibility too.

Make a Green Leafy Salad

Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of minerals, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber. You can make a salad of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables to keep your digestive tract healthy. A healthy gut helps to enhance your immune and physical strength. You can digest your food in a better way and it will promote healthy well-being too. To preserve the nutrients of the leafy vegetables, if you are not consuming the same day refrigerate them in a sealed bag or a container.


This lightweight and binge-eating movie snack is a must to pick this quarantine. It is full of protein and fiber. The best thing is you can choose different flavors available in the stores and satisfy your hunger pangs. Most of us like them salty, or buttery. So, choose according to your taste buds. If you like it spicy, try adding some peri-peri or just munch it in its original flavor. The best part of the popcorn is its gluten-free, which makes it a binge-worthy snack. Moreover, popcorns are laden with rich antioxidants and keep you full for a long time. It is perfect for those who are looking forward to losing weight during this quarantine.


A balanced and nutritious diet is best for our immune system during this pandemic time. So, you must choose your food very carefully. You must take care of your lifestyle too apart from eating healthy. This will not only boost your strength but will help your body to fight bacteria and viruses too.

Pro Tip: Stay hydrated, stay safe, and stay healthy. We need your support😊


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Pankhuri Kumari
Pankhuri Kumari
7 months ago

Very useful snacks options. Will definitely try

5 months ago

Yess…. Kindly do 🙂

7 months ago

It’s very nice article to go through, gives and overview how you can eat healthy with tastes as ingredients ..
Will look more from you.

5 months ago
Reply to  Ansh

Thank You so much. We look forward to hear more from you 🙂
Have a healthy day!

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