Getting your immunity on track is the need of an hour. As we all are fighting with a deadly virus right now, so it becomes a mandate. But, do you know your immune system well? If not, then it is the basis for our survival. Our immune system does a great job of defending our bodies against micro-organisms. But, if the germ or bacteria invades then we may fall sick. So, to defend your body against the intervention of the virus you need to boost your immunity. For this, you can make some lifestyle changes and take a healthy diet to get to near perfect immunity. Even improving your endurance power is also one of the great options.

Get Healthy Bits

So, if you want to put the STOP to bacteria and viruses then you can look after these powerful ways.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Get Healthy Bits

The plant-based diet that is rich in protein proves great for boosting your immunity. You must have fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. These plant-based foods have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties that help us fight off the infection. They help people to achieve overall health and prevent the virus from making them sick. You can eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that are easily available near you like spinach, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, etc. The fruits you can pick from your local market are oranges, strawberries, kiwis, etc. Spices like turmeric, clove, cinnamon, etc. are great for immunity.

Taking Your Vitamins

Get Healthy Bits

If you eat a rich diet of Vitamins, you can help your immune system fight off the illness. The most potent Vitamin is Vitamin C that you can find in citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries, and vegetables like spinach, bell pepper, etc. You must also take Vitamin B6 that you can find in the cold water fish or green vegetables and chickpeas or Kabuli Chana. Another essential Vitamin that you must include is Vitamin E, which is an immunity booster dose but is great for your hair and skin. You can get it from green leafy vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, etc.

Working Out boost Immune system

Get Healthy Bits

Maintain your body’s flexibility and physical strength is important nowadays. So, by working out and especially doing running and cardio exercises people can clear their airways and flush out bacteria too. Even it slows down the stress hormones and decreases your chance of developing any type of disease. It is advisable not to do many rigorous workouts as it can weaken your immune system. So, you must do it in a balanced way.

Sleep a Lot

Get Healthy Bits

May sound weird! Right! Well, sleep is necessary to regulate your body clock and keep you fresh and up the whole day. You need to prioritize taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. This will not only keep you healthy but helps in healing your body too. You will not experience any fatigue and can work well too. It is rightly said, “Early to bed, and early to rise”.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Get Healthy Bits

We understand that this pandemic has cut every one of us from social gatherings and made us be in one place. But, staying at home is good for us and our whole community only to fight with COVID-19. However, by being at home also you can lower your stress levels. You must indulge in activities like Yoga, Meditation, Moderate exercise or walks, reading some good books, and watching motivational speeches. All these things can work out in lowering your stress levels. Pro Tip: Start spending time with your family, cook together, eat together, and laugh a lot.

Bottom Line: Making lifestyle changes and including a healthy diet in your daily routine can help you to boost your immune system. This will also help you to stay healthy during this pandemic time. Manage your stress and inculcate positive thoughts to keep your mind and body healthy and fit.

Stay home, stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your hands regularly”.


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