Do you know what the basis for happiness, comfort, and effectiveness in routine work is? It’s a healthy body and mind. But numerous diseases and microbes scattered around can pull you down. Don’t worry. You can boost your immune system with diet and lifestyle changes to ensure you stay strong against those odds.

Why Immunity Matters?

Immunity refers to the strength of the body to fight diseases. A healthy person can positively become productive for self, family, society, and the nation. In this pandemic situation, individuals and the government’s responsibility to establish a good health-infrastructure in the country has increased.

Immunity and the Pandemic

The year 2020 witnessed a significant crisis in the form of “Covid-19” that took a toll worldwide. Even scientists and health experts lack thorough knowledge of their origin. But what everyone knows, and is talking about, is ways to boost immune system, an ideal preventive measure. If you have high immunity, it will reduce the chances of the virus infecting you. And people who have diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, etc., are at a greater risk of developing complications from Covid-19. Even old-age people are more vulnerable to it because of a weak immunity than young ones with stronger immunity.

Importance of a Healthy Diet in Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Food is one of the fundamental determining factors for a person’s health and immunity. Health experts recommend eating nutritious food with less sugar and avoiding unhealthy items. Moreover, doctors also advise people to consume more vegetables and fruits due to their vitamin content. Several prominent herbs also serve as natural remedies to boost your immune system.

Besides Healthy Diet, Other Ways to Boost Immune System are:

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Hydrated body
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoiding overstress

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding the disease or fighting it.”

Things to Eat to Boost Your Immune System

A healthy diet is central to the strong immunity and well-being of a person. We have listed some food items that help in keeping your immune system healthy.

Citrus fruits: Fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, etc., are an excellent source of vitamin C. These are essential because the human body doesn’t produce or store but needs this vitamin for proper functioning and well-being. Vitamin C promotes white blood cells and antibodies’ production that is useful to the immune system and helps fight cough and cold. Thus, consuming citrus fruits in sufficient quantities regularly is essential.

Citrus fruits to boost your immune system

Red bell peppers: Besides fruits, red bell peppers are also good sources of vitamin C and beta carotene. These peppers lead to skin health in addition to being useful for immunity. The human body changes the beta carotene in a red bell pepper into vitamin A which is good for the eyes.

Red bell peppers

Broccoli: It’s a nutritious food item and the best vegetable to boost the human body’s immunity. It has vitamins A, C, and E, along with fibers and antioxidants. Health experts say that you must cook broccoli less to preserve its nutrients. So, steaming is the best cooking way to avoid losing its nutrients.

Garlic: Garlic has a strong, aromatic flavor and is used in almost every cuisine. It adds a new touch to the food and, at the same time, is very healthy. Old texts recognize garlic as a useful medicinal herb against diseases. Garlic is known for lowering blood pressure. With a decent concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, it serves as a great immunity booster.


Ginger: Ginger is also a significant part of the old texts that mention it as a medicine for various health issues. This herb is the first thing that comes to mind during cold, cough, fever, headache, etc. Besides, it is also a popular remedy for inflammation and nausea. Ginger has a strong flavor, which is why food experts and chefs use it in sweet desserts. It is an ideal immunity-boosting food item that helps decrease chronic pain and lower cholesterol.


Spinach: Here’s a green vegetable that’s rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and beta carotene. It is renowned for improving the infection-fighting capacity of our immune system. Just like broccoli, spinach will retain its nutrients when cooked less.

Yogurt: Yogurt has cultures that boost the immune system and fight various diseases. It comes in several flavors and diverse sugar content. You can also add honey and fruits to make it healthier and tastier. Yogurt, an excellent vitamin D source, is responsible for regulating the immune system.

Turmeric: You might have seen the use of turmeric in many curries. Besides color and taste, it is a great herb with remarkable medicinal properties. For ages, turmeric has been used for boosting immunity. A popular application is to serve with milk for healing wounds and muscle damage. It’s the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that make it highly useful.


Green Tea: Green tea is another powerful antioxidant on the list that enhances the immune system. With steaming and not fermentation, this tea carries a fair amount of amino acids.

Papaya: Papaya is filled with vitamin C and a digestive enzyme called papain with anti-inflammatory effects. Potassium, magnesium, and folate present in it are suitable for a person’s health and immunity.

Eggs: Eggs are popular as a source of protein. But apart from this, they contain vitamin A and iron as well. Besides, Vitamin A also has antioxidant properties that enable the cells to fight viruses and bacteria.


Lean Red Meat: Iron is important for the human body as it keeps the immune system working effectively. And red meat is a good source. Consuming this meat twice or thrice a week is enough. Compared to various iron supplements available in the market, this one is an ideal, natural iron source.

Lean Red Meat

Extra Virgin Olive oil: Have you read about this oil’s power of boosting and rebuilding immunity. Being anti-inflammatory with high-quality fatty acids, Olive oil also shields the human body against several infections.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mushroom: Mushrooms improve the immunity of the human body alongside producing T-cells that strengthen the body. They provide a sufficient amount of proteins and minerals to the body, along with imparting anti-inflammatory properties.

Other foods on the Natural Immune Booster List

  • Blueberries
  • Oatmeal
  • Dark chocolate
  • Seafood
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Tomato
  • Wild salmon
  • Kiwi

Tips and Natural Remedies to Boost Your Immunity

The best way to prevent yourself from covid-19 is by eating healthy food. And here’s a list that brings some quick tips on how to do that.

  1. Consume fruits and vegetables regularly. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that serve as natural immunity boosters, keeping diseases away.
  2. Foods like carrots, spinach, and sweet potato have compounds that facilitate the growth of new cells. This is a good thing for the immune system.
  3. Vitamin C is good for immune system. That’s why we included citrus fruits in the list above.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential for a healthy body. For this, you can add sources like nuts, chia, and flax seeds to your diet.
  5. Probiotics and food items prepared with fermentation ensure a healthy gut. And the stomach stores 70% of the body’s immunity. Yogurt is one of the good sources of probiotics.

“Train your body to crave healthy food.”

In short, the immune system is an essential part of the human body and is responsible for fighting viruses and diseases. And there is no better medicine than natural things to eat to boost your immune system. All the food items and tips that we have listed above will help maintain a healthy human body and mind.

Once you switch to nature’s sources of vitamins to boost your immune system, you will notice a difference.

“Stay Healthy to Stay Safe”

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Pankhuri Kumari
Pankhuri Kumari
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Great list and very useful 👍

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Aditi Sharma
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Anushka Sharma
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