So here come again that time of the year, where the state, country starts to close and we all have to sit at home. To pass the time we can not help but keep munching. At this point, snacks are the one very important thing.

But at the same time to take care of our health is also is very important as we have nowhere to go for an evening walk, or outdoor activity or workouts at the gym or grounds to run, but to do our workout at home with the little equipment that we have. Well, few tips from my end would be to follow fitness trainers, health and wellness pages, blogs, and YouTube videos to do a workout session that you like.

We all know that just exercise is not enough but also the diet that we follow with it. So when you snack, make sure that you eat healthy foods and not junk. Some examples of healthy snacks are fresh-cut fruits, spicy and roasted dry fruits, homemade snacks, granola bars, hummus with pita chips, roasted peanuts with different masala.

Snacking is so predictable in this time as you feel stressed, you usually tend to go toward food which gives us comfort in these unpredictable times. Ensure to avoid lots of chocolates and ice cream and instead, you could pick up and eat a fruit or custard or hummus with carrots or cucumber as they are super healthy and with this summer heat its makes you cool-headed. You can also take out the weekend to make ice-crème and other desserts at home that you can quickly put together and eat during the stressed week.

Other than eating in summer lots of people get drawn to drink something cold, so juices are one of the best options they fulfill your cravings and also your thirst for something cold. Watermelon juice is one of the best for the heat in Mumbai, best had chilled. You can also nimbu pani, nimbu soda, mocktails at home. Here is my favorite easy restaurant like mocktail making secret. You can visit them at

Let’s try out healthy snacks and drinks this summer and stay safe from covid in this pandemic.

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