Vitamin D or famously known as the Sunshine Vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin. It belongs to the family of compounds like Vitamin D1, D2, and D3. Vitamin D is known as fat-soluble because it gets consumed into your bloodstream when its intake is done with high-fat foods. Vitamin D benefits are very significant as it performs several important functions in your body but the most significant ones are facilitating the normal immune system functioning and absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

Even the intake of Vitamin D-rich foods or just sitting under the sun for 10 minutes can also lower your risk of having COVID-19.  As it boosts your immune system magnificently, so it will have a great impact on protecting you from COVID-19. So, if you want your body to fight off the ailments start including Vitamin D in your regime.

A few of its powerful Vitamin D benefits are also mentioned below. Let’s take a look.

Provides Protection against Respiratory Infections

Get Healthy Bits - Vitamin D

If you are deficient in Vitamin D, then increase your intake to save yourself from respiratory infections like flu and cold. You can take the Vitamin D supplements as suggested by your doctor and must take them from the natural source that is the Sun. You need to just spend 10 minutes daily under the sun to fulfill your deficiency. Say bye-bye to respiratory illnesses!

Get Healthy Bones

Get Healthy Bits - Vitamin D

This Vitamin regulates and helps maintain the phosphorus and calcium levels in your blood. To assist the intestines to absorb and stimulate calcium, Vitamin D is required. It is seen that the deficiency of Vitamin D causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.  So, to get healthy bones and remove Vitamin D deficiency you must eat protein-rich foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or paneer, chicken, fatty fish, egg yolk, etc. Apart from them, you must also eat soybeans, okra or bhindi, spinach or palak, breakfast cereals, oats, etc.

Vitamin D Benefits Includes Reduces Type-2 Diabetes Risk

Get Healthy Bits - Vitamin D

Vitamin D intake helps in lessening inflammation, increasing insulin sensitivity, and boosting beta-cell function. It helps control the potential triggers that may be caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. This Vitamin modifies the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and plays an effective role in Beta Cell function. Moreover, Vitamin D intake limits the Type 2 Diabetes risk and saves the patients.

Vitamin D benefits in the Weight Loss process

Get Healthy Bits - Vitamin D

If you are looking forward to losing weight or prevent heart disease, then you can try the Vitamin D-laden food or supplements as prescribed by your doctor. People who are taking Vitamin D and calcium supplements as suggested by their doctor lose more weight because of the appetite-suppressing effects. Even obese people taking Vitamin D supplements in their daily regime improve their heart disease risks.

Vitamin D Fights Inflammation in Your Body

Vitamin D helps build your immunity and fights off harmful bacteria and viruses. If your immunity is strong, then you will never attract any type of infection or inflammation. Moreover, the Vitamin D supplements administered by your doctor will help in reducing the risk of acute respiratory infection too.

Helps the High Blood Pressure and Hypertension Patients

Get Healthy Bits - Vitamin D

In one of the studies carried out by the doctors at Boston University, the patients suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension were exposed to UVA and UVB rays for 3 months. Vitamin D supplements help in reducing blood pressure and also decrease the production of a hormone called ‘renin’ that leads to hypertension.


The doctors can diagnose the Vitamin D deficiency test through a simple blood test. Even the doctors can order X-rays to check the strength of your bones. Vitamin D supplements that can be taken in the form of liquids or tablets are recommended if a person is diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. Moreover, you must also get proper sunshine and take the foods that are rich in Vitamin D.


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