“The hardest part of growing is realizing your parents are growing old.”- Anonymous

Our parents face many challenges while growing old and with lesser awareness on healthy aging in our country, we cannot provide them the gift of wellness. So, if you are watching your parents complaining of sore muscles or inflammation this is the right time to react. As a child, it is your responsibility to help your parents to stay on top of their health. It is important to support your parents during their aging process so that they do not neglect their diet and remain physically active even after their 40’s or 50’s.

So, it’s never too late to make the required changes and get a healthy body, mind, and soul. 

Help Them with Senior Care Exercise Plan

According to a report by Medline Plus, “As you age the bones become more brittle and thinner, as they start to lose mass. The low bone mass raises your risk of broken bones. So, make sure that your parents have a healthy senior care exercising plan. You can help them with walking or yoga. This will help improve their mobility and flexibility. The mild exercises will support them in being energetic and help them to sleep well. The walks or yoga will also support lessening the possibility of health problems, reduce the risk of falls, and will boost the metabolism levels too.

Having Healthy Diet

The metabolism drops when a person gets older, so it’s great if you can plan healthy eating habits for your parents. You can choose to talk to your doctor or a dietician who can help you with an elderly health diet plan. By eating well, the dangers arising from many health issues may decrease manifold. Healthy foods rich in minerals, fiber, carbs, Vitamins, etc. will keep them energetic and moving at an elderly age too. 

You must include seasonal vegetables and fruits in their diet especially pulses to help them have more proteins in their diet.  Inclusion of low-fat milk, nuts and eggs in moderation, using soya or groundnut oils, eating more cereals, etc. will also help your parents.

Prioritize Health Checkups

The significant step in healthy aging is to take your parents to the doctor before they face any severe health issues. A regular check-up becomes important if they are complaining about something or you are noticing a health change. We all know that medical health check-ups and medicine are getting expensive day by day, so you can gift them health insurance. The insurance plan will help cover the whole treatment expenditure if the health issue arises.  

Support Their Mental Health and Wellness

Socialization is great for your parent’s mental health and well-being. You can take them to the nearby parks or encourage them to join the elderly clubs where they can indulge in mental exercises. It can be playing chess or reading and even talking to their counterparts. You can teach them how to connect with their friends and family members on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Even teach them how to chat over the phone through Whatsapp to make their life a little easier and better. Even a Harvard Medical School report states, “Elderly who have a better relationship with their family, friends, and community are happier and faces fewer health issues.”


Our parents have taken care of us all these times and now it is our turn to give them a gift of mental health and wellness. You can help them get involved with their own groups to make them feel free and confident. Help them with medical and regular checkups. Support them by helping them live a life they will cherish while aging. Pro Tip: Go on a walk with them, keep your phone aside to have a hearty talk, or play their favorite game on Sundays.

Disclaimer: The views provided are solely from the Get Healthy Bits team. It is necessary to consult your doctor before devising the diet and exercising plan for your aging parents.

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