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HealthyBits: For Nourishing Stories and more

HealthyBits: The Story of Nourishing Stories

HealthyBits: For Nourishing Stories & more

We are proud to launch Get Healthy Bits as a part of BlackSwan Creatives, which will serve as a reliable source for all Health and Care related information. This venture holds a special place in our hearts as it arose from something we experienced in person.

Earlier this year in 2020,

We all witnessed the global pandemic hinder life as we know it. The coronavirus outbreak has stunned the world and has far reaching consequences across various industries. For instance, the travel industry will take years to recover and the education industry will have to forcibly adapt to survive. Even the health industry isn’t fully prepared, but has made incredible progress.

While the whole country is stuck at home. Like others, BlackSwan Creatives were also forced to start work from home. It was tough, not coming to the office, not getting out, and above all, not getting inspiration to write or design. We were missing the stories we used to curate at BlackSwan. After a few days, it started getting into our minds as well as our bodies. The laziness at home had started accumulating. There was a persistent fear of catching coronavirus which led to anxiety and stress. Not being able to discuss projects efficiently was adding to it. Our physical and mental health was taking a toll.

But in true blue BlackSwan spirit, we never get fazed by obstacles. Instead we fight and always arrive at a solution. We did the same yet again and started looking for information on health and care. The internet being a boon for accessing information on the go and so our work started. We took this as a top priority project and we were all devoted to it. Our initial target was based on gathering information regarding immunity improvement and how to incorporate health beneficiary routines in work from home.

But then the truth hit us. “Misinformation”.

The devil found us or you can say that we entered into its cave. It was not the first time we had to confront fake news and misleading information or that we didn’t expect it at all. But it was way more than what we imagined. The situation worsened due to the unseen pandemic. People were (and still are) suggesting foolproof cures and medications. The name of Hydroxychloroquine was being circulated in the media like time-travel in science fiction movies. People at powerful positions suggested people to ingest floor disinfectants. The concept of herd immunity was being broadcasted similar to Musk promoting Cybertruck.

After the cures, were the rumors on the spread of the virus. By food, by feces, etc. Then the political agendas with the bioweapon theories, the theory of everything being a hoax, and the debate against the masks. This all was from people up in the Authoretical Hierarchy. This was inducing anger in the team but more heart-wrenching was the fact that this misinformation was costing lives, daily. People were being fed this information day in and out. The reports of the death of more than 800 people due to highly concentrated alcohol in hopes of disinfecting their body or people not taking medical assistance thinking that this is due to 5G are some of the things we came across.

This all was morale breaking but we were required to keep going, so the transformation of our team took place. We all started working out regularly. The zoom meetings included a fun 5 min chit-chat session at the end. Also, a major change was adopting Intermittent Fasting and in such a way that our lunchtimes were synchronized like they used to be when we were in office.

Origin of Healthy Bits

The amount of misinformation we saw circulating in that month regarding CoViD made us wonder if that is the case with the whole health industry. And sadly, it was found to be true. And that’s when we got the core idea of healthy bits for the first time. A reliable source for medical information as well as daily life tips for a healthy life. A place where you can see a blend of modern science with Indic techniques for leading a great life. Information to help you manage your treatment in the best possible way.

But the confidence came after the second month of us adopting the workouts and IF. The productivity of the office was 24% higher than in past months, we all had a sense of relief from anxiety and stress, a sense of energy even after a whole day of work. The creativity of the writing and design had advanced. But on top of all was the fact that all of the team members were healthier. And hence we got the confidence that we are going in the right direction, so the past month was the official start of ‘Healthy Bits’ as a project under the banner of BlackSwan Creatives to empower people with the correct and verified data in the easiest to consume stories. We feel health is life, and human life is a story, not a jargon compilation. And hey, that’s where our tagline comes from.

So keep looking out for “Nourishing Stories and More” @healthybits

Let us know on how you take care of yourself & your dear ones these days, Tag us #Gethealthybits with your Comment.

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